Interesting and yes, we all do lots of stuff quite mindlessly. Partly in a subconscious effort to avoid the paralysis of analysis and partly to ward off the cognitive dissonance of having our world view challenged, even when that view is not well thought out.

I have friends who consider their views to be well thought out, but it may be that they have devoted a great deal of time rationalizing the views ingrained by indoctrination.

A thing about indoctrination is that it often comes for the benefit of others (government or other organizations) while not being good for us in the long run.

Military indoctrination is a prime example. It is so you can accomplish someone’s mission. It may keep you alive but the purpose of that is so you can accomplish the mission. When the need for that is over, that stuff may stay stuck in your head. Some may be beneficial, some definitely not.

Religion is similar but different in that the indoctrination is designed to have a painful and destructive event on you mentally if you abandon that religion. Is there anything beneficial in that to anyone other than the people who take your money out of the collection plate?

Does changing our thinking require a new (self) indoctrination? There is no guarantee that that will lead to something good. A difficulty in selfhood.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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