In the parlance of the Oath Keepers, the problem is that the police largely no longer think of themselves as peace officers and now think of themselves as law enforcement officers (LEOs). In a society where so many laws are about not crimes (no victim) it is a danger to society to put a police officer into the lives of people who are not victimizing others since all interactions with the police are potentially deadly.

Some progress is being made politically. Senator Rand Paul (R) introduced the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act to end no-knock warrants and Justin Smash (L) introduced the End Qualified Immunity Act to hold bad cops accountable.

Ending victimless crime laws would go a long way to end sending LEOs into situations that could and/or should be resolved without the intervention of law enforcement.

Hopefully the defund the police movement won’t end up defunding training for the situations you mention without a suitable replacement entity, which is what I expect to happen.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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