In my view, low expectations of a racial group is the foundation of racism. I, and nobody reading this, am surprised when black people, riot, loot and commit acts of violence on random white people. That’s a low expectations of a [subset] of a racial group. At the same time I would be shocked and disappointed to learn that any of my friends who are black did any of those things. I have the same high expectations of all my friends [another subset] without regard to their race. Once you let the l low expectations belong to the entire group of Americans who are black you’ve got some racism. “Some” have earned the low expectations, but it shouldn’t be applied to all.

True white supremacy was built upon keeping black people ignorant thru denial of education. The result, people find a well spoken black person to be exceptional. We went from no school to crappy schools to septate but not equal to same schools. History is still working on racial completeness in history and we sadly still need “black history” to be an equal part of American history, but the three Rs have been equally taught for years.

As an old black woman raising her granddaughter in Georgia told me forty years ago. She had to tell her granddaughter, “Don’t come at me with that jive shit. It’s a white man’s world and you’ll never get a good job with that.” If black people resist “talking white” people will continue to find articulate black people to be exceptional. White supremacy set that up but black people have to want to fix it to fix it. Grandma was right.

Back in the 60s when I heard, “I’m black and I’m proud” I didn’t understand that it was about black people shedding low expectations of themselves put in place to cause them to hold themselves down. Is it a work in progress or has “I’m a victim, it’s not my fault” got the white supremacists laughing?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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