I’m reluctant to write this because I have no desire to defend your detractors but… Over the course of tens of thousands of years there a millions of examples of human violence and warfare. Çatalhöyük is anomalous to the experience living under circumstances that exist today. Far beyond 50:1. I understand that you present it as the oldest known example of human behavior in a case for that behavior as a default.

I haven’t followed the arguments of people disputing what? That there is evidence that ancient people were able to live peacefully? You present clear evidence that they did. There have also been people who lived peacefully during times of warlike behavior. I find it hard to deny that people prefer peace when circumstances support it.

I suspect that their reaction is resistance, which in full disclosure I share, to the idea that it supports the theory of tabula rasa. I probably sound like a stuck record because I always end up saying that it’s a matter of ratios, in this case nature:nurture, where I don’t claim to know the ratio. Having spent a lifetime investigating black swans I am resistant to picking a percentage number and reducing it to a binary even though, like everyone else, I go through life with the odds and act as if it is.

My article opined that our views of the meaning of data, which we call facts pass through the filter of our worldview even though we may fight against that heroically and claim that the data shapes our worldview. There’s a bit of both; that ratio thing again. I wrote that seven years ago and if I’m alive for seven more years I will probably hold the same view. I write probably because over my lifetime I have changed many of my views when new information justifies it. Kind of like science which is never settled.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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