I’m one of those responsible gun owners with a safe, took the permit training class even though I live in constitutional carry Arizona. I’m currently catching hell in a pro 2nd Amendment group because I opined that open carry is a shoot me first sign like wearing a white t-shirt at night on a perimeter in a combat zone. If I carry, it’s because I want the tool if I need it, not to make a political statement. The thing is, I agree with them that every sensible (sic) gun control measure is a slippery slope. Too many gun control advocates have made their ultimate goal clear. I don’t trust them at all, not a tiny little bit.

I’m a no victim, no crime kind of guy and my voluntary responsible gun ownership has no victims. There are already laws about every actual crime that can be committed with a gun. The problem is that I and people like me who learned to hunt as children, had a high school indoor range, armory and boys and girls shooting team and club are old. The schools have been run by leftists for many years and as per plan, the young who will replace me have very different views thanks to their indoctrination. They have little concept of personal liberty or history, they just want to feeeeeeeel safe and are willing to use the force of government to impose their will on everyone with a different worldview.

I don’t know how we get where you want to go with the current level of mistrust. I wish I did.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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