I'm old enough to remember when calling black men "boy" was a common way of demeaning them that spawned black men (1st) to start saying "say man" to get another black man's attention. Clearly what you wrote has the same applicability to women.

I am left to wonder if that does not get due consideration for women because (my perception here, correct me if I'm wrong) "girl" implies youthful in appearance which sadly seems more important to women than men. That's another story for you; men are not as penalized for the loss of youthful good looks as women are. The ratio of men vs. women dyeing their hair, using Botox, getting cosmetic surgery or filters for pictures of themselves on social media provides a clue about that. Some men do it but I mentioned ratios with it's relevance to attitudes toward the youth word for women.

That takes nothing away from what you wrote but rather points to another crappy reason the situation continues to exist.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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