I’m not a Trumpster. That should be plain from what I’ve written which you claim to have reread. How many people do you know who make spreadsheets from available data about politicians on the ballot from all parties to asses how they will vote? Why would I be doing it now if I was a Trumpster?

I’ve only called out the disingenuous nature of his detractors. I should say many of his detractors since I am a critic of some of his policies and actions rather than because of his obnoxious personality.

When I wrote that he is criticized for things that his predecessors did it is easily verifiable truth. Why would you disagree with that? Because you don’t like him, assess his personality negatively and attack his every word and deed without regard to how much of what he does is business as usual? I’m not a mind reader, that’s just the impression that you give.

Perhaps you should assess your own perception of reality. If we were discussing issues and policy you’d probably be surprised at the number of times we agree. I’ve approved and disproved of actions and policy of every president during my adult years. I’ve never had an obsessive hate for any oth them though. None of them were right or wrong about everything.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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