I’m not a mind reader so I don’t know what everyone means when they say that. I’m white but that doesn’t make me the spokesman for white people. Race is often the elephant in the room but it isn’t always the focus.

Think of automobile choices. When you look for one you probably think about type as in truck, utility, capacity, sports car etc. Perhaps affordability as in cost, maintenance needs, efficiency, etc. You’ll choose a color. Color was one characteristic but probably not the most important one.

Of course color can imply culture. Does that matter? Well sure, but how much? A black immigrant from Somalia is culturally different from a fifth generation American citizen who is black.

Perhaps a person who is not black could mean what you think. A brown person could say that too. Would you pass the same judgment on them? It might just be someone awkwardly stumbling clumsily while trying to say that race is not always high in importance to them.

Fifty years ago when interracial marriage was less common than today people sometimes asked about how racial difference affected mine. I don’t know since I’ve never been married to a white woman. Certainly her cultural background influenced who she is but when I look at her her race only comes to mind when it is relevant (sometimes it is) but most of the time I am actually blind to it. Appropriately.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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