I’m amazed that this got through the curators since leftist diatribe dominates here. This morning I read a lengthy article comparing America to Hitler’s Germany. Heavy sigh! Trump purposefully freaks out the left to cause them to double down on things that moderates will reject and it works. Just because he’s an asshole doesn’t give anyone a pass to be a bigger one.

As a registered unaffiliated voter I voted for a mix of Ds, Rs, Ls, Is and “no acceptable candidate” write-ins in 2016 as is my vote for the person norm. In 2018 I voted a straight Republican ticket as a f*k you to the assholes who had spent two years calling me a white privileged, racist, fascist. bigot, etc. As horrible as I felt about that it’s possible that I’ll do it again for the same reason. Trump could never have been elected except as backlash to the white guilt people you wrote about.

Every election, including this one but excluding 2018 I make a spreadsheet for the candidates and go to candidate web pages and votesmart.org to collect positions, their actions in elected office and interest group ratings. I score the data and use a multiplier based upon the importance of that issue to me. All that work is to avoid what I did in 2018 so I can logically vote on merit.

I like Tulsi’s anti-empire stance and applaud her shining a light on the withholding of exonerating evidence on a man on death row but some of her other positions lower her score in the spreadsheet I make to analyse candidates. I’ve donated to her campaign but she’s getting the Ron Paul treatment and probably won’t last since the Ds and Rs are both in the pocket of the endless war military industrial establishment. Trump ran on an anti-war platform and he would be vulnerable against her on the issue that many voted for him about (the non-f*k you vote) since she could challenge the idea that he walked the walk of his talk. None of the other Democrats could effectively attack that base.

I don’t share your enthusiasm for Yang since he proposes a VAT which is as cruel a thing to do to people already struggling financially as you can do since it jacks up the price of everything. That is an instant disqualifier.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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