I’m a month from 70. The real me has always been about learning new things. I’m currently learning a new musical instrument. I stay in touch with my inner nerd by doing programming projects to keep my logical debugging, problem solving mind with me.

What I’ve lost of the true me is physical Dave. I do have a goal of getting back some of the physical fitness I foolishly let go of but if I get back to my fighting weight I won’t be the same guy I was and I’d get my ass kicked trying to be that me again. Some ships sail without us as we age. I’m not a young Jarhead any more.

So hopefully my fitness plan isn’t about a new me, but a neglected me. I just got the results of my nuclear stress tests and my cardiologist said I should be able to safely work out. When I told him that my idea of a workout is beyond my brisk walks and will include kettlebell which skyrocket heart rate and blood pressure and weighted carries. He gave me a nod like he knew what that meant but I don’t really know if he does. So I might wear a heart rate monitor for a while when I train.

Getting in touch with the real you when you age is complicated if it includes the physical.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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