I'm a bit cynical about Veteran's Day. "Thank you for your service" might have ment something when I was getting my warm welcome home from Vietnam. Now it's just the one thing the government learned from that war. Praise the troops to maintain support of the military industrial establishment. That is just on the periphery of your article though.

Rape in the military. When I was on active duty job specialties were highly segregated by sex. I never served with Women Marines (WMs) as they were called in those days. Now they a Marines without the reference to gender. I was ignorant of rape within the military although before going to Vietnam I was told that one of my trainers, a lance corporal E3 had been a corporal E4 but had been busted for raping a Vietnamese girl. WTF? One stripe! At the time I thought it a lack of respect for non-Americans, but it may have been more; a lack of respect for women. I don't know.

After being released from active duty, I worked with women who were veterans. If I am remembering correctly, they all told me they had been raped while serving if we knew each other well enough to talk. I have no reason to doubt their honesty. Mind boggling for someone who has never had an urge to rape. That may be part of the problem, I assume that most men are not inclined to commit rape. The thing is, I really don't know what the ratio of rapists/non-rapists is. We're not likely to see the meme of a man walking past unoccupied urinals to stand next to another man and say, "I just raped Lt. Smith." Confessions of rape were never heard in locker room talk. Not in the sea stories. Unspoken except now by women who will tell their stories.

A good friend who is on a VA disability once told me of a woman at the VA who was on a PTSD disability who had never heard a shot fired with obvious disdain. The thought of non-physical, non-combat wound was not a thing in his mind. Snakes in your head from combat but not other trauma? An idea that must go.

I'm sad to read that it happened to you, and sad that at this point in time that I'm not surprised by the story.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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