I'm 70 and didn't retire until age 69 because like many American men, my identity and sense of purpose was in my job. My 94 year old mother lives with us and I can tell that she no longer feels purpose. An unintended warning to me that I need to adjust my thinking. I'm in a season of life that I pushed out of my thinking for my whole life.

No need for me to mention my sorrows, you don't reach the age of seventy without scars. A thing that I see, assuming reasonable health, is that people who age well maintain purpose in life. Many, perhaps most of us need to find that because it probably won't be what we thought if requires physical ability that we didn't really accept that we would loose.

A friend who is a bit older than me bought a cabin in Washington state to fix up and live in when he retired. He waited longer than me for that and quit contract engineering at 75. He now lives in Sun city Arizona after selling the cabin that he didn't have the energy to live out his planned dream. Older people can make it real for us if we are paying attention.

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