I'll remind you that I did say opinions [and actions] change with the swing of the pendulum. I'm not an "Oh dittos Rush, I agree with everything you say" kind of guy and often mention "bad facts" (I really appreciate learning that name for what I've always recognized).

One side affect of that is that since Medium is largely woke political left that leaves people accusing me of being a Republican Trump supporter. In other forums my comments sometime gets me confused with liberal Democrats because while I'm always the same guy, there are different sets of bad facts to point out.

Every President has done good and bad which may or may not align with by views on that which things. I champion the cause of things aren't likely to be 100% (that ratio thing).

With politics I sometimes put data into spreadsheets and for purposes of deciding how I'll vote I weight them with multipliers about their importance to me which I admit degrades it as a measure of absolute truth. I have found that for that purpose I need to do it because there will be pro and con for all of them and I'm honest about the influence of my worldview bias. Before I retired the weighting pertained to Pareto's idea that you go after the things causing the most trouble first (budgets and schedules forced that on me).

My mentioning Harris's tendency toward being inclined to wish to use executive power strongly in no ways indicates that I think Trump has not demonstrated the same tendencies. I often express that I think there is truth in the things that you write but there's those ratios. It's all too easy to read more into the things people say than are there. If it's unfair or incorrect of me to see you as more binary in your thinking than me, my apologies. I don't just use true/false (binary) logic but rather ternary true/false/unknown. Can't ignore the unknown.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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