If you read a word that I wrote you know that I think awareness is very old news. You’d have to have lived under a rock in an isolated forest to not be aware of the things you mention, which does not indicate that people have the same opinions about them.

Is it adventitious to be white in America? Most of the time. When my wife first came to America a department store was opening a department for things from The Orient and posted a job opening for two oriental women. Yes, they did that back in those days. She got one of those jobs. When the department flopped, they kept her on and she ended up working all departments, closing out registers, etc., something that would have never append except she had the advantage of being pretty and Asian. Sometimes advantages are unexpected.

There are lots of unearned advantages, race, intelligence, the right education, physical beauty, athleticism, not having a disqualifying disability, the right age, etc. No two people are equal. You may not be equal with who you were yesterday

So yes, my question was what do you do to destroy inequality? You are high in awareness. Would you turn down a job or promotion that you badly need and ask that it go to a minority because they don’t have your white privilege. Rhetorical question, I’m not asking for a lie because no one would do that.

The rest of what you wrote was partisan politics. I’m uninterested in that, at least with regard to discussing it.

You may have noticed that I refer to advantage, rather than privilege. It’s because the word privilege is the shibboleth of the woke. When Buddha obtained enlightenment people asked what he was. He replied, “I am awake.” Woke is obvious reference to enlightenment. It takes a lot of hubris to claim Buddhahood because of political beliefs and as a Buddhist I won’t associate with that so I don’t use their word.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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