I’d love that too but as you’ve mentioned at other times, the change from the ancient way came about with the change to an agricultural society. Cause and effect. Influences.

As a boy I was raised in the shadow of the WW2 generation. My mother, along with her sister and father worked in a war production plant and lived with rationing. My country kin when I was small had kerosene lamps, outhouses, their own wells and trash piles. When the Vietnam war came along, it was the thing to do to enlist according to my upbringing. I don’t know how the people who gave me my warm welcome home were raised/influenced. Each generation is raised by people who’s formative years were a different circumstance both in parenting and the zeitgeist, but in some cases part of an inter-generational circumstance.

We now have a generation who has never known a world without the internet in their pocket. Their world was science fiction when I was their age. The age old generation gap becomes more profound at a Moore’s Law rate. They condemn a generation that they cannot fathom since history has been replaced with social studies in school. I can understand why they have a different worldview but that mitigates nothing. I wish more people than musicians acknowledged their influences.

Influences during childhood and the formative years of early adulthood matter. Cooperation is most often tribal and tribalism is on the rise with identity politics. Emotion and resentment lead to desire for revenge. When who’s in charge changes it has often been accompanied by slaughter. Will the cooperation be that of Marines going into battle?

A modern influence is from schools and media that socialism is a good idea. You can vote that in but you must shoot your way out. I have a number of friends who fled the change to communism in their countries. One from Czechoslovakia opined that society is always three days away from savage barbarism. I hope that I’m wrong but I think it will take a biblical swords to plowshares horror to bring the world we long for. We may be on a path to that. The ancient Anatolian community of Çatalhöyük may be in too distant a past to influence today’s population. It is hard for me to be optimistic which is strange since I am optimistic that we will solve issues that can be solved through technology although that technology also brings more efficient ways to kill each other in war.

This strayed a bit from my article about the down side of democratic majority rule. What’s in the heads of those who will be the new majority? That predicts the future.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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