I work in a corporate inviting (until I retire next month) which means many of those issues are going away in my world, but sometimes not just because HR demand it. As a young man my environment was dominated by white and Asian men. It still is but not as starkly thanks to globalization. There are more POC (India, China, Malaysia, etc.) and more women, mostly from the same group’s. American women and black people in general are less common in STEM Fields but I don’t think it has anything to do with racism/sexism. I see frequent email notices announcing women into upper management roles. None of this seems related to sins of the fathers or racist attitudes, but carrier choice. Globalization will change many things and there will be winners and losers. Uneducated low skill Americans are the big losers.

As for it can’t be about us as individuals, isn’t your focus on race and gender due in some large part because of how it affects you? Isn’t it a common claim that it is lower on a white man’s lost of importance because he preciseness it as affecting him less. It seems exactly about who’s ox is being gored to me. And that does not imply that I don’t care about it or you. Some might say that my interest is higher because of its affect on my interracial family. Could be?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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