I was taught Vipassana meditation by the Thai monks a a temple we frequent. It is mostly sitting (breath) or walking (movement). For both it is an objective to be mindful of the object of focus and to dismiss the chattering monkey (random thoughts, thoughts from senses).

Like you, I have found other things to be meditative. As a young man, riding a dirt bike at the limits of my ability and fighting. Extreme focus, but crashing or getting punched in the face was a bigger sensory disruption than a sleeping leg or aching back. With age I’m considerably more inclined to peaceful alternatives and have been seriously learning to play the ukulele for the past six months.

The limitation is that my alternatives all enforce focus on the moment while acknowledging other stuff but not letting it disrupt where traditional meditation is harder because there is no enforcing penalty for delighting in the antics of my chattering monkey.

Your alternatives are good ones and even for people who don’t hate traditional meditation they an excellent supplement.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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