I was going to give you a hyperbole pass until you used the fascist word. What kind of people are we to encourage economic migrants to make a dangerous trip, bringing children, to lie and claim refugee status? You cannot be naive enough to not understand that they are criminals and parents who bring their child to commit a crime are immoral.

You might not like immigration laws but there are people purposefully helping overload the system to create the situation you complain about. What kind of people do that? They harm the people who are doing it right.

Have you done any international travel? Have you never noticed that disembarkation cards have the words “Employment strictly prohibited” in big red letters when your Visa is not a work permit? Do you know what refugee camps are like in other countries?

I have sponsored people to lawfully immigrate into America on two different occasions. I am not anti-immigrant but did you notice that I used the word lawfully? I have also, in an unofficial capacity helped members of a local refugee community (lawfully here as refugees); doing their taxes, giving them things to make life easier, generally being helpful, etc.

What kind of people are we is a fair question but you should consider that trivialising words like torture and misusing words like fascist or racist in a diatribe is not the kind of person many wish to be. Trying to break the system through overload to create victims to complain about is not the kind of person many wish to be.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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