I understand that in the end they are much the same. I misspent my youth in pool halls and have been a player in the con you mentioned. I leaned to deal 2nds and bottoms in the late 70s although it was as a performing armature magician. There’s too much blood on the money for me to do that kind of cheating. I know a man stabbed over ten dollars.

I get all that. But to maintain the facade they must sometimes walk the walk that they talk of their Litmus issues or everyone will notice the man behind the curtain. On those issues there is some observable difference.

I live in Arizona where it is quite different from California, for now. They are fleeing the carnage of their bad ideas and coming here to try the same crap. Do you think I have no reason for concern that leftist from California will screw Arizona up if the come in sufficient numbers?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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