I think we are talking past each other.

To assign a negative attribute to a whole race is racism. There's nothing to debate about that. Just my opinion that calling all people of a race something negative, racist for example, is not standing up for yourself, it is racist venom. If racism is the problem, how does perpetuating it with more racism help?

To assign a negative attribute to a whole political group is unjustifiable and probably is driven by hatred for that group. I'm not a mind reader so maybe people who do that just slept thru their 4th grade math class on set theory. I don't see those kind of accusations as standing up for yourself, just venom.

If I were to tell you that when I was 15 and couldn't drive that I did a lot of hitchhiking. On several occasions the men who gave me a lift solicited sex for money from me, a minor. Would it be fair and reasonable for me to say that homosexuals are all pedophiles who try to get minor boys to prostitute themselves? I think not. Is stating that that happened standing up for myself after all these years? It does help me to understand the silence of minors concerning such things. Where are we to draw the line between our experiences and broad and swooping statements about entire groups?

My wife has experienced being followed around by a store employee in a department store. Profiling? One store. She never went back into that store again. Would it be fair for her to claim that POC are profiled by white people because of that? In the Walgreens that I shop in whenever anyone goes into the liquor department there is a "customer assistance needed in the liquor department" message on the loud speaker. I’ve seen them do it for all races. Might a black person think they are being racially profiled when that announcment is made when they are going into that section of the store? They could be right, or not. Sucks to wonder. Sucks worse to jump to a wrong conclusion and feel victimized when you weren’t (maybe).

It's not that I haven't had frank discussions with a wide spectrum of people who feel that they are marginalized or that I discount their stories. I keep writing about effective communication. There's an old saying that it's not just what you say but how you say it. That's not about sparing anyone's feelings. We could talk about how fights start at this point.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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