I really enjoy this conversation between the two of you. On the subject of media we consume and worldview. It is now, and perhaps it has always been, all too common for people to give examples of the extremists among those other people. The problem with that is that someone two standard deviations from nominal (extremists) don’t actually represent the average other people. We are fed stories about the worst of the worst and think them. I understand that them are a problem and to address the problem we talk about them, but when I get lumped with them because we are of the same race, gender or sexual persuasion it is problematic. I’m not offended and don’t think I am a persecuted victim because of it, I am saddened because it is a tactic doomed to failure.

I recently read the book “Black Culture Matters” by Nick Pilgrim. He wrote the book for black people to take action on something very uncomfortable. It should be a sobering book for his intended audience. I’m not a part of that problem and he correctly states that I’m not the solution. I mention the book because it pertains to my thought on failed tactics.

It’s one thing to say that racism is a problem, and it is, but something that is not being asked in the dialog is, why do racists, and more importantly, people who are not overt racists have negative views? Part of it is that we draw our circles too large around extremist, though he writes that the problem is worse than just the extremists. The failure of all marginalized groups to ask themselves, “Am I part of the problem?” is painful and far too easy to take a pass on.

Just as I am prone to call out white/male/straight people with, “Damn man, that shit’s foul. Why break out that kind of crap?”, it would be wise for the marginalized to call out the people in their group (perpetrators of negative stereotypes) who make things worse. That requires taking a break from pointing fingers and getting critically introspective. Of course I must ask myself if my being from the standard mold of my kind contains things for me to address and change. I do and it’s true. That’s why I’m here.

Just a generalized thought, not aimed at anything either of you wrote. You may be getting used to that about me, I hope. Hopefully a contribution.

The claps are for you both, I don’t see how to isolate Elle’s share.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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