I quit Medium and came back. Medium sent me a survey as someone who had left Medium as if they were trying to understand why. I didn't finish the survey. It was a typical bullshit "study" survey that was looking for confirmation of what they already think with questions that had absolutely nothing to do with what I think. I'm still here because I like a number of authors and like reading their articles. I comment a lot as feedback which is sometimes received favorably even though I don't "Oh dittos Rush, I agree with every word you say" ever. Others think I'm a trolling asshole ;0)

This might sound like it's about me, but it's intended to be about Medium readers. If it becomes a place where I loose touch with the people I follow it will be a permanent adios and the platform can burn down with the book of faces. I don't know if I'm the typical non-author/reader, but I might be.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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