I put the seat and the lid down. Since it causes my wife to have to raise something to go I'm not certain if it is a consideration to her (it's equality) or that I don't want my dog to get a quick drink on his way to licking my face to wake me in the morning.

As for assuming most are like me, somewhere around age 60 I decided that that was probably not true. That' doesn't make me better or worse by itself. I do think there are plenty of men who love women but as my wise granddaughter told me while a teen when I remarked that I often don't understand women. "That's OK grandpa, were understand each other and we hate each other."

Are women who love and admire other women more common that men who love and admire women? I don't ask that in jest.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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