I little story from about 35 years ago. I don’t tell it to signal virtue but because it ties in to what you just wrote.

At the time I worked 2nd shift and had gone shooting in the morning with a friend who also worked 2nd shift. As we were returning a guy ran a ted light and destroyed my VW Bug. Nobody was hurt. When I got to work during the shift overlap I told a 1st shift friend (he happened to be a black man) about it. The next day when I saw him he said, “Clyde told me about the accident and that it was a black man who ran the light. You might be the only white man in Georgia who could tell that story without mentioning that.” To me that had nothing to do with anything and there was no reason to mention it. The thing is, 35 years ago my colorblindness was something a black man noticed in a positive way. In the 21st century some would call it racist for me to not attach significance to race all the time.

For most of my life, allies was not a part of the lexicon that I was aware of. I was one without attaching importance to it. It was just part of not being an asshole. Since the word is now associated (at least in my mind) with intolerant white guilt, virtue signalling people who think they are mind readers and call me names as a result of what’s in their head if I don’t agree with them, I don’t really want the label.

I see quite a bit of blowback from people much like me who are sick and tired of the heterosexual, white male privilege thing. Seriously, that is very old news and you don’t need to rub my nose in it for eternity. What I asked what should be done it was a serious thought. The SJWs feel like they need to be doing something but they need a better tactic than spitting in the eye of people you would think they would want to influence in a positive way.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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