I just viewed Jim D’Ville’s The Emotional Value of Chords from his play the ukulele by ear lessons before reading this. Interestingly, words associated with various emotions are associated with specific chords and intervals. I mention it in the context of sad lyrics and sad music. There was no explanation of why but there was, “you know she’s going to break up with him when you hear that chord change” and “how can anything bad follow that chord change?”, etc.

He was speaking in terms of knowing what’s about to happen musically from the words in the lyrics for playing by ear, but it was in the context of the music expressing the emotion of the lyrics. It seemed universal and not about a personality type. Music is a wonderful thing. Math and feeling. Not certain how this fits with the article, perhaps just a matter of timing.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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