I just noticed that Perry Gruber is a group of people. A bit about me so my responses will perhaps make a bit of sense to you since you like verbosity. I am actually what you could call a liberal in the classical, traditional sense which has little in common with the modern intolerant left. The thing is, I do agree with some things the conservatives think about the left which I suppose makes me tilt a bit right. So I am in some ways speaking on behalf of a group that I don’t walk in lock step with.

A preface to your questions would be the concept of normal being loosely defined as within +/- two standard deviations of the mean of a standard distribution. That does not put a value judgement on not normal by default. For example, forty nine years ago I married outside my race and culture. By my own definition, that was not considered normal back then, but I would not assign something negative to it just because it was outside norms of those times. I’ve been known to break quite a few cultural norm rules, but having said that I think it is worth considering that sometimes that is probably not good for a society even if I wouldn’t throw rocks at you for it. There is a fuzzy line between an effort to stigmatize and normalize things that are outside the norm.

I’m still married to the woman I married forty nine years ago. One of my daughters told me that none of her high school friends had parents who were still married and it was precious to her that we were. I think that even with my daughter’s observation I think that marriages that last may still be the norm, or should be. I’m not a mind reader. Do progressives value that and do they seek to normalize non-traditional families?

Homosexuals and to a much greater degree people with gender dysphoria are outside the norm. I am in favor of destigmatizing that but I think that normalizing it (this seems to be a progressive goal) is probably not a good idea. Back in the mid 80s I knew a man who considered himself to be a woman and wished to be treated as such. I considered him to be a flaming homosexual. Transsexual was not a word in the lexicon in those days. I am polite and treated him as he wished and he was welcome at my table, but I’ll probably never be able to think of that as normal or something that should be considered normal. I wish them no harm and they are members of out society but progressives seem to be trying to normalizing it. I don’t think it a good idea. Actual conservatives would express that less politely perhaps. Go back to the last paragraph and my placing value on family as a norm with inherent virtue.

That’s a couple of examples of norms that I and most conservatives (I think) find worth preserving as norms and progressives seem less inclined to think so. I could add the value of masculinity being presented to young males by good male role models. I was raised by a female head of the household {my mother) who made a point of providing positive male influence for me.

The cultural norm that seems to be openly attacked is in the realm of economics. The progressive left expresses open disdain of capitalism where people freely buy and sell, including their own labor, at a mutually agreed upon amount. Socialism, where the state decides the value of things without regard for economic supply and demand and will use force to redistribute wealth. So “what do they wish to replace it with” is government force and the crowd deciding what individuals may posses, keep, or do. That is in direct opposition to classical liberalism or modern conservatism.

I merged the answers to your questions because they were not actually isolated questions. The “thing” is what is normal, where I rely upon statistical norms. If you are paying attention you might argue that I am expressing an idea of value to what the majority thinks. That would be fair but I am not thinking of the thinking of a majority after few decades influenced by propaganda, but centuries of normalcy that has stood the test of time. Yes, you can cherry pick examples to the contrary like slavery being the norm for much if not most of history, and it still exists, but I think you should be able to get my rationale. I agree that getting rid of slavery is progress. I don’t have a knee-jerk opposed to everything progressives value.

I left out obvious things that true conservatives would mention, mostly because they are argument passed each other without end.

If I conflated progressives with the radical left that I stand in opposition to with the conservative right, please correct me and explain. I’m willing to listen.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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