I intended for it to be useful. I also did not intend to turn it political beyond how politics, at least in America, may affect attitudes toward transgenders. My preference for acceptance of people as they are to making them feel the need to undergo a radical surgery is not transphobia.

With regard to the conflation of sex, the current push to birth certificates with sex left blank until the child decides it’s gender is the ultimate conflation.

I am a registered independent and up until 2016 I voted for a mix of people from different political parties along with a number of “no acceptable candidate” write ins as protest of what the parties give us to choose from. With the advent of TDS, depending upon the subject I occasionally get called a libtard, but I’ve grown weary of the charge of racist, sexist, Nazi, fascist. etc. and straw man arguments which has pushed me right.

It is good to make clear the meaning of words since people tend to change their meaning of political purpose. Today will be my last day going to work as my retirement begins tomorrow. For many years I have been employed as a test engineer where tests result in data. Conclusions about the data yield what are considered to be facts based upon principles from education in electronics, computer science, mathematics and such. They are provable and falsifiable so they are legitimately thought of as facts.

In social science and politics people also look at data and make conclusions that they call facts. People of different worldviews will argue opposing views, believing that they are facts based, even though their facts are derived from the same data. How does that happen? In my opinion, the bias of political indoctrination as a part of their education. Data shows that people in the news media and universities are overwhelmingly registered Democrats and unabashed leftists. (I do not use the word liberal for them because the modern American political left is a far cry from the traditional definition of liberal.) They inject their views into their product to such a degree that I call it indoctrination defined as an effort to shift public opinion from the cultural norm to something quite different. In some cases that shift could be a good thing, in some cases not. They call it education, I don’t.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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