I got all excited about the prospect of voting for Tulsi Gabbard when I discovered her relatively anti-war stance. One of the things that prevented me from voting for “We came. We saw. He died. Ha ha ha” Hillary Clinton was that she was a warmonger.

A a libertarian I agree with some things from the political left, but not as much as she brings to the table. I’m not a gun nut and I don’t posses a firearm that holds over ten rounds. As an Arizona resident I certainly could if I wanted to. I have a big issue with gun controllers and an extra one for women who are gun controllers.

First, it is the sign of a control freak. When women are victims of spousal abuse one of the first traits mentioned is that they are controlling. The vast majority of gun owners never commit a crime involving firearms which the founders saw fit to mention as a natural right as the 2nd Amendment. If you want to know how people think about gun control, think abortion laws. It’s more about the mentality than the actual ownership.

The special consideration for women who are gun control advocates is that it points to a strange flaw in logic. A gun, known as the great equalizer gives a 100 pound woman who is far from her physical prime the possibility of defending herself against a 200 pound, violent man in his physical prime. The courts have ruled that the police are not obliged to protect you, and they typically show up after someone becomes a victim so they actually can’t.

This is is a link to satire, but it is effective satire because there is so much truth in it. With all of her other too far left for me baggage I’d vote for her if not for that issue as she is not totally opposite on issues from me. If abortion rights are a big issue for you than you should understand since you don’t like the idea of being controlled either.

I haven’t given up since I don’t want to write in “No acceptable candidate” again and I am doing a spreadsheet analysis of all of the candidates using data from the excellent non-partisan votesmart.org in hope of finding someone acceptable as I always do. While there are things that I disagree with with Justin Amash he has the highest calculated score at the moment.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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