I forgot to mention that I don’t understand why women are not the biggest 2nd amendment advocates (some are) since the great equalizer gives a 100 lb woman a chance at defending herself against a 200 lb man who is in his physical prime.

I understand not wanting to carry a gun everywhere, I don’t want to and I don’t (well occasionally). I live in Arizona where seeing someone open carrying in a grocery store is a common sight. It doesn’t frighten me. Most people concealed carry and you really don’t know how many armed people are around you anyway. Sometimes armed citizens are your friend since there are more good people around you than bad unless you are very reckless in where you go. Unfortunately we are often in places where there is no good guy with a gun.

What do I think should be done about it? Absolutely nothing. I don’t see a need for making a law about every possible hazard in our surroundings. I can’t think of any crimes of violence where there is an actual victim who is physically harmed that is not already a violation of one of more laws. The laws didn’t prevent the violence.

Temper that with who I am, a retired man who grew up with access to firearms, hunted, took the NRA Safe Hunter class in my elementary school classroom, shot rifles owned by the school. kept in the school armory in the school’s indoor range in high school. I live in Phoenix Arizona where there are swimming pools and firearms in homes up and down the street. You may not have a pool or a gun but if you have children you are recklessly negligent if your children are not formally taught water and firearm safety since they will be in people’s homes where those things are present. Forty years ago before there were laws about it I kept firearms locked and took my children shooting while teaching firearm safety. They shot a gun (curiosity satisfied) and went and put their finger in the hole in the target to understand that a gun could put a hole like that in little girls.

So change the absolutely nothing (by the government) above to personal responsibility to prevent accidents due to ignorance and teach respect for their fellow man. Boys fought with fists and didn’t dream of getting a gun, and they knew where one was, in the America I grew up in. America is changing for many reasons but I’ll not go there with this.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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