I don’t wish to devote the hours I would spend addressing such a long article but since you invited me to read and comment I’ll make a few short comments.

Fear of guns works two ways. Rapists and abusers who are typically stronger than their victims need no weapon but are given pause by the possibility that their intended victim has an equalizer.

You can find studies to support any worldview. When I was young and a bit more hotheaded carrying a gun made me an order of magnitude less inclined to do anything to escalate the situation to violence precisely because there was a gun in the mix.

Mental health. There are many veterans who could used help with their PTSD but are afraid to bring it up out of fear of being disarmed. Even my welcome to medicare physical had an extensive questionare. Do to have any guns? What kind of guns? How many guns? Do you ever have thoughts of suicide? Anger issues? All strategically spaced to have you not notice what that was about. Now with Red Flag laws the specter of costumed men with guns crashing through your door and at the very least killing your dog, if not you, makes the idea of confessing mental health issues something that anyone with issue will not do.

I’ll stop because I have stuff to do.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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