I don’t think there is fear in that, it is more likely contempt, for the reasons you frequently write about.

In the world of the internet people like to use loaded words. White supremacists pops a vision of robbed men with burning crosses. Oh I don’t mean that! Then why use a word that brings that to mind?

I’m guilty. I often call anti-gun people hoplophobes, a fear of guns. Some fear them, others have other reasons but it is satisfying to call people who disagree a word that means that they fear inanimate objects and are therefore irrational.

Calling someone a homophobe is the same. Calling a man afraid (phobia) is thought to be an attack on his manhood even though the most traditional males who have been in combat will admit that he knows fear.

People may be conscious or unconscious of the implication of loaded words in argument or debate, but that’s what they do and what they are.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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