i don't get the point of your reply. I was in no way offended and said that. The point of what I wrote was that we might be better served by not being offended by everything. As you wrote, his words or thoughts have no bearing on me, nor mine on him.

The antagonistic tribalism of those days has been decreasing for years. Sadly, now there seems to be an effort to widen it again.

Systemic/institutional racism is top down. That has shrunk considerably. We no longer have reckless eyeball laws and most of my friends have interracial marriages. We have or have had black millionaires, billionaires, CEOs, upper managers, generals, admirals, Chief of Staff, Secretary of State, Congressmen, Senators, Supreme Court Justices and a President. None of that could have occurred with systemic racism because a system like Jim Crow would not permit it. Racism is bottom up in attitudes and since white people at the moment are a majority those that I mentioned would not have been elected if the hard core racism of the past was a norm. It took white people looking beyond race to elect them. What we need is the change of heart that has been occurring over my lifetime, I'm an old man, rather than the increasing polarization that is going on today. At least that's my opinion. Not a popular one on Medium but it is what it is.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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