I decided to take two before reading your thoughts on them in your article. I'll probably try some others when I have time.

I took the Asian one, curious as to what it would say since I've been married to an Asian woman for 50 years and of the 20 countries/territories I've been in, most were in Asia so I expected some bias for Asia. The test said that I have a slight preference for Asians; no surprise. When my wife came to America she called it the land of the blue eyed blond and at that time I generally thought of America as white. When it came to American I was slightly surprised that it said that I slightly identified Asians more than Europeans as American!!! Giving that some thought, I know a number of naturalized Americans from Asia and they take being Americans seriously. My answers in this seem to be strongly influenced by the woman I've spent my life with and a lifetime of interaction with other Asians both in Asia and America.

The other test that I took was light/dark skin. i thought the test strange in that they assigned value judgements to the light/dark and switched them around. It said I had no bias/preference for light/dark. That didn't really surprise me either.

I've long been of the opinion that familiarity brings naturalness. Thinking about that, I'm going to stop right here and go take one of the gender/sex tests. I don't know how or why people are the various hetero/homosexual categories and don't think of myself as judgmental about it. I have had far fewer homosexuals as close associates and have only known one transsexual so I might get a surprise on this one <<<BRB>>>

I took the sexuality LAT. It said I had a slight preference for straight people. Not surprising since by far, I am mostly around straight people. This too does not conflict with my thoughts that familiarity and frequent associations are a strong influencer mixed with by basic life experience that people have more in common than difference due to tings like race, sex or preference. I am widely traveled, working with people and associating with them rather than as a tourist which probably influences my views on diversity strongly. Now to read your story...

Interesting. Not my bailiwick to analyze this kind of thing but it "might" throw some light on our clash of views. You might have some thoughts on that. If it's worth discussion it would probably best be private.

None of this throws any shade on your article. While I think people have much in common I also think that that does not mean we are all the same. This makes me less likely to make assumptions about others. Might be what underlies the test results, I don't know.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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