I can agree with some of that Elle but it doesn’t address what is happening. Someone(s) with very deep pockets brought us the caravans knowing that it would break the system with overload. They knew full well that there would be no way to accommodate those numbers and it would create hardship. They did it without regard for the hardship they created, it is all about creating victims so the government can be criticized knowing that there are insufficient resources to deal with the humanitarian crisis that they have purposefully created.

Cities are now saying don’t send us any more, we don’t have the resources. Good intentions can pave a road to hell but I don’t believe that the the people facilitating this have good intentions. It costs a great deal of taxpayer money to support it. When I filled out tax forms for some local Koran refugees years ago it wasn’t so they could pay tax (they didn’t), it was to determine how much more they would get above and beyond what they were already getting. I mention that because of the thing I mentioned before; purposeful overload to create a crisis. How much of that can cities, counties and states who are already in budgetary crisis handle? They already can’t.

Do not think for a moment that I am without compassion, I’m just a realist. The system can be broken and it is an objective defined as the Cloward-Piven Strategy outlined back in 1966.

My wife used to work for a small factory where the INS came on two separate occasions and took people away who were illegally here. The employer didn’t want that kind of trouble, the jobs were above board with taxes, SSI and Medicare paid. They had social security numbers; identity theft. Do you know anyone who has gone through the nightmare of having their identity stolen. As you know I’m a “no victim, no crime” kind of guy. There are victims. Small businesses that are licenced and insured going out of business because they are being undercut by cash and carry illegals. Blame evil capitalism? It’s not warm and fuzzy for the victims of this manufactured mess.

That is my issue. This huge increase in people illegally entering the country is being orchestrated by people who want the crisis. I will say in fairness that America was just fine with seasonal illegal migrants but as border enforcement became more dangerous coming to work and taking a bag of money back every year people started bringing their families and staying. We are not going to have another “Operation Wetback” (Google that if you don’t know what that was). They are here and are assimilating. I’m for welcoming them. But I don’t think open borders are sustainable and to have nobody temporarily detained in what you call concentration camps would require open borders. Then the taxpayers must support them or the number of once beautiful cities with urban outdoorsmen shitting on the sidewalk will increase.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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