I am interested in tactics. Married to a brown southeast Asian, with racially ambiguous children I understand racism and have long been a champion against it on an interpersonal level. The talk of privilege that is now a steady drone is very old news and I see it as counterproductive to constantly put it in people’s face. The woke are on a roll and their attitudes and character is showing. Are white people comfortable with that? Of course not. The woke allies may one day be considered useful idiots who have outlived their usefulness. They should not be too comfortable with the idea that their virtue signalling immunizes them in the future.

I am very well traveled, especially widely throughout Asia over a long span of years. For the most part it was work related where I was providing training and technical assistance. I was generally treated well but could not say that it was because I was a white man, or an American, rather than because they appreciated what I was doing for them and my expertise that they were interested in. Perhaps a mix that I have no way to determine ratios.

I certainly saw a huge change in the China I was in about three years ago from the one I was in thirty plus years ago. I agree that they will again be on top in the future. People of color are not all friends. If it is going to be uncomfortable for white people when the Chinese take charge, I expect it to be worse for black people.

The thing is, human nature doesn't change much because of race. I’ve found people to be much alike across race and culture when you get to know them and I’ve been fortunate in experiencing that to a greater degree than most people I suspect. There is the world that is and the world we wish it to be with a great diversity in wishes.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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