Hi Perry,

Now that I get your penchant for completeness you can always feel free to express your thoughts to me.

“Especially when a human focuses on other humans’ affairs, then tries to control those affairs thinking they know better than those involved what should be done.”

This hits home as the root of my tilt towards anarchy and the reason I spoke of the relentless never ending drive for progress. When the crowd gangs up on you and democratically gets government, with its force, to impose its will upon individuals it is because of that.

In negotiating, people often use the ancient barter method employed by Donald Trump; want a kitten, ask for a pony and negotiate down. That’s preferable, in my mind, to the Arab story of the “Camel’s nose in your tent” which goes to the trust issue I mentioned.

I agree that internal security comes first and when dealing with others it’s best to always cut the cards.

My last trip to China a man I was working with said, “We love to break the rules.” That is why changing peoples minds is more effective than the Draconian force of government, but the fact remains that in the 20th century government was by far the biggest mass murderer that was. If you and I don’t agree you can’t imprison or kill me and get away with it, government can. Thus my somewhat overblown concern with ever escalating increase in government power over us as a path to progress.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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