As a child my friends were other kids with common interests, same sports or activities. The same as a young man, hunters, riding dirt bikes, martial arts, playing chess, etc. We enjoyed doing things together that we enjoyed. Older now bid whist parties, music jam sessions (sadly not a thing at the moment). We stay friends because don’t discuss religion or politics.

I have lost a few friends in the age of social media after mentioning something political with a conflicting world view. It’s quite sad. Some of them were friends for many years. Worst of all the discussions were absolutely useless. People defend their worldviews at all costs and some just can’t tolerate a different point of view. That of course is not always benign as they may seek to have laws enacted to force their will upon people with different worldviews. They claim and may even believe that they are engaging in honest debate while putting up straw men and ignoring the other person’s actual words.

On Medium there are writers who write about non-political things that I enjoy so I still pay the five bucks per month. But like moths to a light I see a title; white people this, men that, why America is bad, negative thoughts about others. and I look at it knowing that I’m likely to think, what a f*ing idiot, because I’m human and like them, and think that people who don’t agree with my enlightened views are full of crap. Of course I’m correct and they really are full of crap, but still ;0)

Why did I write this? Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one that others will think stinks. Don’t destroy friendships over opinions. I know, I know, you’re woke (an insulting reference to the enlightened Buddha) and you want to enlighten everyone with your wisdom. I’m old enough to have had my own views evolve over the years. If yours haven’t I’ll give you my stinking opinion. On second thought, I’ll keep it to myself. Time to go play my banjo and not think about the friendship killers. Hopefully in the not too distant future I won’t be playing alone all the time. Maintain your friendships with your friends who like the stuff you like. It’s more important than your political crap.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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