Freedom from the [ ] people

There is a negativity that is poisonous for the mind. Blame obsession. The [ ] people need to do this. The [ ] people need to stop doing this. AKA my troubles are all the fault of the [ ] people. You can free yourself.

Musical instrument of varying cost and intrest
Musical instrument of varying cost and intrest

Perhaps you write a Medium article every day about those damned [ ] people. Maybe you read those articles to support you view that your lot in life isn’t because of you, it’s those damned [ ] people. Negativity that gets you no place good.

There is relief. Start doing something that is all on you and your effort. There are no [ ] people to blame. Either you show up every day and practice, or you don’t. If the thought of success or failure being all on you with no one else to blame is frightening (be honest with yourself), I think you desperately need this.

For me, it’s music. I love listening to it but playing is a place away from the [ ] people. You might have a musical instrument around that you, or one of your children gave up on or haven’t played for a long time. If you don’t have one you need to choose.

If you are concerned that if your governor’s stay at home edict may make you homeless if it lasts much longer (foreclosure on you mortgage, eviction from your apartment, your car getting towed away) then you don’t have a discretionary budget with a few hundred bucks for a banjo or guitar, or even one hundred for a ukulele. Perhaps a forty dollar harmonica. You don’t need a set like in the picture if you don’t need to play in different keys in jam sessions. One is enough, try the key of C. Maybe a recorder. Percussion? You don’t need a drum set. You can play rhythm bones or the spoons in your kitchen drawer, or for that matter, body percussion. The internet has plenty of free lessons to get you going. There is that free instrument, your voice. Singing. There are thousands of songs you can sing while playing three chords of tapping out a percussive rhythm.

Natural talent is bullshit. Show up, do the work of practicing and you can do many things. No [ ] person is holding you back. You not only get temporary relief for the mind poison of blame obsession, you give yourself something that you can do that is entirely on you. Something you will enjoy after you put in some time to develop it. The ultimate freedom from the [ ] people. Free yourself!

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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