Forgive me for going off on a bit of a tangent but in reading this after our conversation from another of your articles something occurred to me that had been below the surface.

Conservatives are scared and for good reason.

I previously expressed the idea that I preferred that things progress (there’s that word) at a rate that allows feedback, analysis and correction. That’s logical in engineering but I may be wrong in thinking it ideal when dealing with a progressive.

My perception, which is my reality until proven otherwise, is that progressives are relentless which results in the thought that they are dishonest. A bit like a calculus problem breaking a problem down into small steps like a calculus problem, progressives seek continuous progress.

An example: Abortion. Initially something rare; mother’s life in danger, incest, rape. Then an incremental expansion, and another … until full term abortion became a thing. When Roe v. Wade was passed that was an inconceivable escalation. But we have watched the progress.

Fear: Gun control. Again “reasonable measures” and once again incrementalism is a justifiable fear. We already have a dead man from police going to confiscate someone’s firearms because somebody said. Registration is a prerequisite to confiscation and the twentieth century is rich in examples of governments confiscating firearms and then slaughtering its own citizens. The anti 2nd Amendment progressives do their work in small steps. Should I fear that progressives won’t stop until only agents of the state are armed? If you are a fan of history you know where that leads.

Not to be rude, but as a matter of honesty, I don’t trust progressives and the reason only became clear to me in the last hour.

When I previously thanked you for your “polite” response it is because it was atypical from someone with a worldview to my left. I’ve come to expect “You’re a white, heterosexual male privileged racist,[X]phobe, Nazi, FU!” In your article you are wise to advise that that might lead to discussion, but certainly not to conversation.

Not to toss a turd into the punch bowl but once we get past open hostility and rudeness the elephant in the room is trust.

When the relentless, continuous, never ending progress is seen as the modus operandi of the progressive, trust must be earned. I’m actually not certain that that is possible.

I look forward to your thoughts on that issue. It may not have occurred to you that it is an issue. As I wrote, I only just now gave the thought words, but it has long been there in my unconscious and probably in a large portion or those politically to your right.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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