For years now for every election I use to look up positions, past votes from incumbents, ratings from groups, etc. I put that data into a spreadsheet and add multipliers for issues most important to me. I use the tally to determine who I vote for. That makes me a far more informed voter than most people. Sadly an uniformed voter cancels the vote of an informed voter.

Most people seem to look at the antics of members of political groups to decide. Some think Trump and his supporters are assholes and will vote for anyone else. Some look at his detractors and decide to vote for everyone they don't like because they see them as a bunch of ass clowns. Thus my remark that the writer has an affect on those who don't sing in their choir that is not what they hope for.

Right now normal people are watching the political left cheer as cities burn. That might influence their vote don't you think?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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