For me there is another issue. It is true that I could love more than one person in a way that included sex (love, not just lust). The thing is, when a couple gets married with an understanding and wish that it is to be an exclusive relationship, changing what is essentially a contract would have to be agreeable to both parties without coercion. If I wanted a third party in the relationship it would require the consent of both my wife and the other woman who might also not want polyamory and prefer my breaking my current relationship. I am not presenting a case against polyamory but I am thinking that if it is the equivalent of changing the rules of poker after we place or bets there is an issue. Not quite as simple as me unilaterally deciding it is right for me. I understand that this is not your situation, but it would be for some. I wonder what the percentage of polyamorous relationships don’t eventually wreck marriages and what that number would be if more people embraced the ideas you expressed?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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