First and foremost, you’d get a better response if you replaced the word privilege with advantage. When most people hear the word privilege they think of the rich and/or politically connected. When I was in Vietnam the privileged were not there with me, but I was surrounded by non-privileged white guys. So if a white person’s last name isn’t Trump, Obama, Bush, Gates or Zickenburg they might balk at the word privilege because they are not thinking of the same thing you are.

If you say that a white person has an advantage over a black one due to the soft racism of low expectations of the black person they would be hard pressed to deny it. Just ask them if they would swap names on their resume so the hiring manager saw Joe Smith on your resume and Jamal Brown on his or some such thing to make your resume look like it came from a white guy and his from a black one. You’d at least have better odds of getting an interview. For that matter, would the name Ying Yang get called for a computer science interview before Dave Jones? That is the issue for systemic race advantage.

I’ve been in 19 countries and lived for some time in 4 if you count the USA as one of them. Advantage/preference went to the dominant group/ethnicity and that wasn’t always white people. People aren’t especially inclined to go out of their way to disadvantage themselves but they will generally support fairness. The difficulty is in how that is accomplished. Would you be willing to give up advantage by purposefully giving advantage to another group to disadvantage yourself? You probably would think that that’s not fair, to you.

So let’s say that you can get people to think of the advantage that I described when using the word privilege and got them all to agree, yeah, I do have advantage in many things due to my race. What next? Human nature says they may still be disinclined to quotas, reparations and such. I don’t think I need to present the arguments you’d hear against that.

I am a huge proponent of the idea that the haters are a small enough percentage of the population that they are not the primary problem. The real problem is when someone looks at someone and knows nothing except what their eyes tell them and make a value judgement based upon that before learning anything else about them.

Fixing that is not just a white issue. White people need to get past their color based levels of expectation without a doubt, but it would also be helpful if black people made an attempt at removing some of what white people see as justification for their color based assumptions. Nick Pilgrim talks about that in his book Black Culture Matters. He’s not just blaming the victim, it does matter.

A →quote← from Malcolm X. He was right that the black man needs to pick himself up and given the zeitgeist of his times I can understand his view of the white man. There are white people who want to help, but I think he was right about the virtue signalling liberals.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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