Fifty years ago racism was far worse than today. It's been years since my wife and I were denied service in a restaurant because she failed the brown paper bag test. I've been to 19 countries outside the US and we've lived where we were both racial minorities and yes, racism still exists worldwide. The thing is, it has been getting better for years, until the current crop of race baiters reared their heads and have been doing their counter productive damnedest to keep it alive.

Do you think that the BLM assholes out bullhorning people in restaurants and grabbing their drinks off the table and drinking them are going to improve the racism situation? Do you think that leftists calling everyone to the political right of Karl Marx a racist is helping?

Your response to calling out the ubiquitous "you're racist, that's racist" crap is a willful denial of the obvious.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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