Elle, I was just pointing out that people have numerous issues that they care about, and prioritize differently. Even though voting is largely an exercise in futility, “I want a coffee but you make me choose Coke or Pepsi” I dutifully study the candidates.

I’m a huge fan of votesmart.org. It offered a rare opportunity when Obama, Clinton and McCain were all running for president. All three had a common period of time when they had all been US Senators with the opportunity to walk their walk voting on the same issues. I created a spreadsheet to analyze them from votesmart data. One of the things that I saw was that she was the boldest and hardest working in that she was less likely to miss a vote or vote present than either Obama or McCain. Unfortunately, while Obama and McCain took passes on issues I care about, she voted in opposition to my liking. I was pleased that Obama beat her in the primary.

For 2016 we had Trump, an asshole who presented himself as an anti-war candidate (so did Obama) Clinton, as SoS showed that she was anything but a peace candidate (I already mentioned that that is one of my issues). Here character as a human was on full display here. I often write in several “no acceptable candidate” on every ballot and 2016 was no exception. I found them both to be dangerous, for different reasons. Sometimes you just can’t hold your nose, vote and rush home to take a shower.

Arizona has a hybrid primary system (I’m unaffiliated) so I still might vote for Tulsi Gabbard as an anti-war candidate even though gun control (control freaks) is normally a show stopper. So far Trump has done more damage to the 2nd Amendment than Obama (to quote the character Animal Mother in the the movie Full Metal Jacket, “You talk the talk, do you walk the walk?”) Action speaks louder than words, especially when it comes to politicians.

All of that was to basically say what I already wrote. There are many issues and people rank their importance differently. Anti-patriarchy is higher on your list than mine, which is not to say it doesn’t matter to me. Millions of dead in wars and slaughter of disarmed populations by their own government is high on mine.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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