Elle, I typed a great deal of stuff and decided to read the History of Patriarchy that you linked. I deleted most of it but will leave this paragraph.

We view the world through the filter of our experience. Years ago a VP told us, “We are not an American company, we are an international corporation. I can get five engineers in India for what I pay one of you. As long as you can outperform them you can keep your jobs.” I believe it’s 4:1 now. Business is about profit. Your value = productivity / cost. Management pay is largely about incentive bonus where schedules are met under budget. They don’t care about your nationality, race or gender. Your productivity/pay is their ROI on you and makes or beaks their bonus.

So much of the examples you present were very true 50+ years ago when I was raised mostly by a single mom with all that that implies. A great deal has changed. Is our society mostly patriarchal? Yes, but I doubt that it has as short a history as the article claims and of course we are not hunter gatherers now. I’ve already exposed my male attitudes and according to 23andme DNA I have 279 Neanderthal DNA variants so there’s that ;0)

One thing that is very true in the article is that I draw small circles and in North American male fashion ask what can “I” do about it and as already stated, I am inclined to see individuals, rather than their group. I see it as a virtue, rather than the sin the article professes it to be. Many of my attitudes have changed over the years and I hope that I am not the finished product, but that might be a thing that doesn’t change.

Thank you for your perspective.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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