Do you know that he never challenged his father's beliefs? Is it appropriate for you to judge people of another culture by your own standards?

My wife was raised by her Thai/Laotian grandmother who had lived through the Japanese occupation of Thailand in WW2. According to her, no Thai woman went unraped. She hated Japanese people and raised my wife with those thoughts. Years later that led to my wife's "famous dinner" (another story I've told elsewhere on Medium).

Some people my wife's age remember the black American GIs during the Vietnam war who (some of them) turned white and treated the local Thai people with racist contempt. It soured some of them, others chalked it up to individuals, rather than a whole race.

Does bad experiences with some members of a group justify racism? The torrent of anti-whiteness stories on Medium seems to imply that some think it does.

Early in my marriage a racist uncle said some very racist things in the presence of my wife, and me. If he was not family I would have stomped his ass on the spot but for the sake of peace in the family I kept silent because with him, words would have escalated to violence in front of my mom and her sister, my aunt.

Over the years I've had many conversations that attempted to change the views of racists. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I left a fraternal organization where the bartender refused serve to a black member after I challenged his action and left another that refused to serve a meal to my wife and me because they served whites only. Sometimes you can walk away. Expecting a man to walk away from his father because he doesn't meet your standards is a bit much. I've been to 19 countries outside of the USA and can tell you from experience that you don't have to be black to experience racial bigotry. We do what we can but we can't change the world to meet our standards. The thing is, returning to where I started, how do you know how many times someone has tried?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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