Do you believe that the caravans of thousands of people walked from Central America, through Mexico in the time claimed without support? How? From who is a very good question?

Isn’t it against the law to incarcerate children with adults? They separate the children in an attempt to determine if the adults are parents or traffickers. It is not the child’s fault that an adult put them in that situation but the presence of a child is not a trump card (not that Trump) for the adult.

I agree completely about the unjust discrepancy in sentencing for various crimes. Sometime I’ll have to write about my experience on jury duty and why I am so cynical about our criminal justice system (sic).

As for claims and alleged abuse by border patrol agents, one sometimes justified synonym for those words is bullshit. False claims to demonize opposition is all too common. At the very least, hyperbole is the norm.

I guess the problem that I have that as always could make my opinion wrong (I acknowledge that) is my skepticism of all things reported by the press, activists and governments. It is my cognitive dissonance producing departure from my normal “innocent until proven guilty” to “they are liars until proven honest”. I do my best to not just agree with whatever supports my worldview. The people who say things that I want to believe might be spreading falsehoods too.

I probably seem Jeckle and Hyde since I have history with people from Southeast Asia who came to America as refugees. It could be argued that under China Shop rules, America should pay for what it breaks but I return to the real point of my comments. The system is broken. If you don’t think it purposeful, fine, but it is broken. We aren’t even housing impoverished Americans, how can we hope to succeed by adding to the problem? There is a difference in what I want to do and what I can do.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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