Democracy by its definition is majority rule. While it is true that a minority may have been granted the vote in Jefferson’s time and even today a minority of people do vote, the majority of people who vote get the people in office that they want. People who may do their bidding in enacting laws that are unfavorable to the minority who failed to keep the winner out of office. Many states have votes on initiatives that are not even about electing people. The majority who voted impose their will with some spending plan or new tax upon everyone, including the people in the minority of voters and people who did not vote. That is a reality that is all around your need for examples is absurd. You can give an example of the people who loose an election imposing its will upon the winner if you wish.

Your latest assertion that I’m afraid of the free market is bizarre. Nothing that I wrote could lead a rational person to such a conclusion. That is something that nobody who knows me would dream of accusing me of. As an aside, the democrats seem to despise, if not fear, the free market and if they can democratically win a majority they claim to seek a government monopoly health insurance that excludes the free market. Will that be proof enough for you?

This weird conversation is pointless. Adios.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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