In Adam Gussow’s book “Whose Blues” he mentions the concept of bad facts. It’s not that they are not factual or inherently bad, but because they are bad for your case; unfortunate truths contrary to your views.

I often refer to facts about opposing views as being a ratio where the numerical value of that ratio is difficult to determine and people with opposing views will think that that ratio is one more favorable to their viewpoint. One thing that seems most often true in my view is that the ratio is not likely to be 1:0 (100% in favor of one point of view). If you think your truth is 100% true and anything and everything contrary is bullshit making it worthy of absolute dismissal you are probably willfully running from some amount of bad truth. A lie of omission to yourself.

We now live in a social media world where people are deeply invested in being perceived by others to be oracles of truth, always correct in all things, to the point that it a bad truth threatens that it must be dismissed or ignored. Absolutism is a disease here on Medium where oracle status means money. All of it is opinion. Nothing wrong with having an opinion, I’m giving mine right here in this very short piece.

This is problematic on several counts. If you are sincerely seeking truth you are cheating yourself. You are also making adult, rational discussion impossible.

It is easy to convince ourselves of our rightness. Statistics may or may not be accurate in their factualness but assigning meaning to them is a matter of opinion, not to be confused with facts or complete truth. We all know this as we attack the spin of someone’s use of statistics while spinning our own to confirm our truth. Pilate to Jesus in the rock Opera Jesus Christ Superstar, “We both have truths- are mine the same as yours?”

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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