As a boy in the 7th grade I took the NRA Safe Hunter class sitting in my desk at school. The NRA was the primary source of firearm safety training. I doubt that schools provide that now because the NRA is evil. In high school we had a school armory, indoor range and boys and girls rifle clubs and teams. The safety materials and target were from the NRA, the primary provider of firearm safety materials. I doubt that that exists now that schools are firearms free zones and the NRA is evil. The NRA was not uniquely involved in my training as a Marine. I live in constitutional carry Arizona where no training or permit is required but I took the class and got a permit anyway. Once again, the course material on firearm safety came from the demonized NRA.

Since the anti-firearm people are doing all they can to destroy the primary provider of firearm safety training I had to teach firearms and training to my children. It didn’t exist an any of the schools my children attended. You may want people to be trained but most of the anti-gun left just wants restrictions.

Here is one of many examples of gold standard training materials available from the NRA. Were you aware of them?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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